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[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Work Long Shifts


Before you write your posting this week, establish three things that you expect a website to contain when you are using that website to find information for academic or professional purposes.

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Then investigate something that relates to a specific non-political issue or question that you might encounter in your chosen health profession, such as needing to work long shifts, dealing with a patient’s death, communicating appropriately and respectfully with patients/clients from diverse cultural groups, communicating with patients or coworkers who are difficult to reach, bridging a generation gap when interacting with a patient or coworker who is significantly older than you, etc.  If you are unsure as to whether the issue you would like to write about is appropriate for class, please email the instructor to check well in advance of the posting deadline.

Carefully read two or more websites (no Wikipedia, please) about the issue you have chosen to investigate.  The first “hit” on a web search might not be the most worthwhile website.  Which website do you find has all or most of the things you were looking for regarding academic/professional information?

In your posting of 8-12 complete sentences, first, write about the issue/question you chose to investigate.  Why is that important to you?  Then list the things (criteria) you expected to find in a useful website.  Mention the best website (no Wikipedia, please) that you found using the correct format provided above.  In your own words, summarize in one sentence what the most useful thing was that you learned as a result of reading the website.  Please do not quote directly from the website–summarize in your own words.  End by telling one thing that you would like to know more about that relates to the issue/question that you investigated.


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