[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Week 3 Video Journal

[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Week 3 Video Journal

 I just need the outline 

For this journal you will prepare and submit a 90-second video, along with your outline, that will only be seen by the instructor of your class. In this video, you should first talk about your progress so far with your IPC Skills Improvement Plan. Do you feel you have made progress? What are your next steps? Next, share your feelings about presenting on camera and how you are preparing for your video presentation in the week 5 discussion forum that your classmates will see.

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Prior to creating your journal, read the Week 3 Video Journal Advice Download Week 3 Video Journal Advice.

To prepare for your submission: 

  • Make an outline with what you want to say. Your outline should include
    • A summary of what you have done so far in your improvement plan 
    • An explanation of what you will still do 
    • An evaluation of your progress so far. What improvement have you noticed? What do you most need to work on in the remaining two weeks?
  • Practice presenting this outline at least three times.
  • Follow the next steps to submit your video recording and outline.

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