[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Water – Lemon Squash

[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Water – Lemon Squash

Research Paper

  1. After reading, watching, and studying the Canvas module resources, write at least an 650 word essay supporting the claim, Francis Macomber goes on the hero’s journey.
  2. Use in text citations to cite each of the journal articles at least once in your paper.
  3. Your essay must include a Works Cited page.
  4. It is vitally important that you remain focused on Francis moving through the different stages of the hero’s journey.
  5. What is Francis’ normal or “known” world? What does the story say about this normal life? You may need to look at the PowerPoint that introduction to the story.
  6. When does he receive “the call” to leave the known world?
  7. Who is his mentor? What must Francis learn?
  8. What tests must he pass? What predators must he face? Are there rites of passage as he moves through the tests (water – lemon squash – whiskey)
  9. You should be able to find lots of quotes in the articles to support your claims about Francis being on the hero’s journey.
  10. Must be original work.
  11. Due November 16, 2022 by 4:00pm
  12. Please find attached reading articles from which the essay needs to be written from.

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