[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Usually Electronic Aids Available

[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Usually Electronic Aids Available

Drug calculation questions are a major concern for most pre-registration pharmacists and are also a worry for those involved in pre-registration training. When it is obvious that people are struggling with what are basic calculations, as part of a test exam or at their workdesk, one would be right to question their ability to accurately calculate doses in critical situations or environments such as on the Ward. The vast majority of necessary calculations are likely to be relatively straightforward and it is infrequent that one needs to use any complicated formulas. However on those rare occasions when such formulae are required e.g. loading and maintenance doses of Gentamicin or Vancomycin, there are usually electronic aids available to reduce the possibility of calculation errors. It is vital however that any person performing calculations using some automatic process can understand and explain how the final dose is actually arrived at through the calculation.

This is a compilation of drug calculations that will encompass most of the questions you will come across either as a pharmaceutical, nursing, healthcare or medicine student.

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