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Example TRAAP Annotation with MLA Citation

Thread Subject: Inclusive Textbook Access and Student Welfare

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For the research paper, my narrowed research topic is the connection between inclusive textbook programs like ABC College’s IncludEd program and student welfare. I have found the following article by Megan Collins, Nathan K. Mitchell, and Michael J. Nojeim to support one of my claims. Based on grade distribution data, the article argues that using free course materials increases students’ academic performance, specifically their grades and their ability to stay in college. Although this article focuses on using free course materials instead of materials included in tuition, it can provide support for my claim that increased access to materials improves students’ educational and mental well-being. It passes the TRAAP test because it is only two years old, which makes it recent, and it is directly related to my topic, which makes it relevant. And because it has undergone peer review by experts in the field, I can trust that it is authoritative and accurate. Finally, its purpose is educational, so it does not make money or focus on any particular ideology, belief, or advocacy.

MLA Works Cited entry:

Collins, Megan E., et al. “Removing the Excuse: Using Free Course Materials to Improve Student Success in General Studies Courses.” Journal of Higher Education Theory and Practice, vol. 20, no. 5, Jan. 2020, pp. 110–25.

Note the following things:

It contains a statement of the narrowed topic.

It contains a summary of the article’s overall argument/findings.

It discusses the usefulness of the article to the author’s paper.

It goes through each part of the TRAAP test and explains how the article passes each part of the test.

It does not merely summarize the source.

It provides an MLA Works Cited entry that follows the format and contains all bibliographic information.

It also italicizes the title of the journal, but puts the article title in quotation marks.


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