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For this assignment you will need to make a powerpoint covering 3 U.S. Supreme Court Cases from 1975 to 2018.

For each case you will need to answer the 5 questions Listed below

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  • You will need to have the following on each slide for each case you choose from 1975 to 2018.
  • Facts: This section of your brief contains a statement of the relevant facts of the case, in your own words. Include the parties involved. 
  • Issues: The issue is the legal question the court is trying to answer in the case. Quite often the court will not state the issue explicitly. Phrase the issue as a question, as narrowly and accurately as possible. 
  • Judgment: This is the courts holding, i.e., what the court ultimately decided or for which party it ruled.  
  • This is your synopsis of why the court decided the case as it did. Describe in your own words 
  • Critique: Provide your opinion of the case and outcome. 

When researching about the cases you can only use http://www.oyez.org to obtain the information. 

The powerpoint will need to have 12 slides (excluding the intro slide)

For one case there will be four slides 

Each case will need to have a slide stating facts from the case and Issues (which would be the question) The judgment as well as 2 pictures representing the case. A synopsis as well as a Picture representing it and a Critique and a picture over it.

For example

Slide one: Facts of case and Issues (which is the question)

Slide two (same case): Judgment and 2 pictures over it.

Slide three (same case): Synopsis and a picture representing it.

Slide four (same case): Critique and a picture over it.

This would be for all three Cases, all three have to be different and have to be between the years 1975-2018.


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