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Part IV:  Application (one to two paragraphs)

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How might you apply what you have learned from the analysis in a work situation.

What did you learn from your research that has influenced your perspective? Evaluate whether or not your thoughts about solving your problem have changed as a result of performing your research.

Part V Conclusion (one to two paragraphs)

Your conclusion should be drawn from the report. Summarize the most important information you want the reader to know.  No new information should be in your conclusion. Was this a valuable research experience for you?

Create a Reference Page- References must be in APA format. Refer to the ARC for APA writing guidelines.

Other Components

Reflection Letter:  Use full block letter style; in three paragraphs, compose a letter to your instructor in which you reflect back on what you have learned from this course.  How has this class impacted the way you think?  What particular issue was the most interesting to you?  Explain why.  The reflection letter must be a minimum of three paragraphs.  Sign your reflection letter.

Please refer to the attach document to complete part IV and V



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