[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] University Spokesman Rod Guajardo

[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] University Spokesman Rod Guajardo

You, the judicial hearing officer, find Gretchen responsible for violating the alcohol policy; she was caught consuming alcohol as a minor. While this is her first offense, university policy mandates that her parents be notified of the infraction. Gretchen begs you not to inform her parents about the violation. She pleads that her dad has cancer and is out of work, and her mother is barely keeping things together. They are both making major sacrifices to put her through college. She knows that she messed up and wants to assume responsibility for her poor choices, but she doesn’t want to add to their stress by disappointing them. You don’t know Gretchen well, but she has a compelling argument and you empathize with her.

  • What are the problems in this case? Is one more central than another? Should you address any problems that are beyond your scope as a judicial advisor? Explain. 
  • What are your options for handling the present dilemma? What are the potential consequences of each course of action?
  • Knowing a bit more about Gretchen’s complicated home environment, how if at all, might you continue to assist her> what services might be available to assist her during this challenging time?

2. The article specifically stated that: “University spokesman Rod Guajardo acknowledged that an Ole Miss official had received a copy of the Instagram picture in March. The university referred the matter to the university police department, which in turn gave it to the FBI.

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Guajardo said the FBI told police it would not further investigate the incident because the photo did not pose a specific threat.

Guajardo said that while the university considered the picture “offensive,” the image did not present a violation of the university’s code of conduct. He noted the incident depicted in the photo occurred off-campus and was not part of a university-affiliated event.”

The administration of Ole Miss knew about the photo but chose not to file student conduct charges. Question: Should the code of conduct follow students off-campus?  Meaning, should student behavior off-campus fall under the umbrella of the code of conduct. Please provide one recent article (2009-Present) to provide evidence for your answer



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