[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Unit 4 Assignment Deliverable

[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Unit 4 Assignment Deliverable


Respond to the following concerns of the Board of Directors of St. Augustine’s Hospital:

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  1. Discuss the major steps that you will follow in planning, developing, and implementing the EHR system for St. Augustine’s using a systems development life cycle. PLO3
  2. Explain the managerial issues or challenges in planning, developing, and implementing the EHR system. PLO3, GenED5
  3. Demonstrate how these issues or challenges can be alleviated. GenEd5
  4. Share your understanding of the concept of meaningful use of health care information. PLO3 GenEd5
  5. Describe the 15 mandatory certification criteria developed by the Secretary of Health and Human Services that health care facilities should meet to qualify for meaningful use. GenEd5
  6. Examine the impact that the EHR system has on the quality of care provided by St. Augustine’s Hospital. PLO3, GenEd5

Use the following template: Unit 4 Assignment

Deliverable Requirements: Prepare at minimum a 5-page CIO plan of action addressing the concerns above that will be sent to the board of directors. Make sure to cite your references using APA format.


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