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 Healthcare Information Security Risk Analysis 

In addition to the health care risk posed by the current COVID-19 pandemic, significant cyber and information security threats are increasing. These global threats impact organizations and individuals. You have been asked to research the top security threats and attack methods related to COVID-19 that are targeted at health care organizations, employees, and patients. This risk analysis, prepared for a potential client, will include a risk register. 

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Create a risk analysis for a potential health care organization. To prepare your risk analysis, complete the Risk Register template (Attached) by identifying the top 5 health care information security threats and attack methods related to the pandemic based on research from at least two peer-reviewed journal articles.  

Write a 2-3 page narrative of your findings that could be presented to the CIO of a health care organization. The goal is to raise executive awareness resulting in improved executive decision-making, implementation of recommendations, identification of opportunities, and allocation of resources for security. Include your risk register in your narrative, and do the following: 

  • Describe the focus of analysis,      including the systems that are used. 
  • Justify your risk ranking of      the top five threats.  
  • Analyze the resource      requirements and relationships to other processes.  
  • Recommend organizational and      security-related actions that would eliminate or mitigate the risk and      impact on the organization.  
  • Discuss any opportunities      created by the presence of the risk.  
  • Summarize your key      findings.  

Format your citations per APA guidelines. 

Submit your narrative. 


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