[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Three Main Questions ·

[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Three Main Questions ·

A.    The NASW Code of Ethics provides guidance and best practice methods for social workers to adhere to and practice within, what would are the six core values of the NASW Code of Ethics and explain the implications for practice for each.

B.    The importance of recognizing the dignity and worth of each person when you’re working with clients. This may seem like an obvious value, but it can be difficult to uphold under certain circumstances. Are there certain clients that would be difficult for you to view with dignity and respect, to see as worthwhile? What would happen if you found yourself working with such a client?

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C.    After reading and discussing the NASW Code of Ethics, learning about Ethical dilemmas please discuss the two and how an ethical dilemma could potentially impede practice. Be sure to use examples as provided in the readings. 

D.    A student expresses a conflict between the way the client sees her (as a friend) and the way the student sees the client (as a service user). Why would it be unethical for a social worker to see a client as a friend rather than a service user?

** Discussions should be written in APA format, supported by at least two scholarly references and should be at 250 characters in length. **

Assignment Title: Exploring Human Behavior in Infancy: Interviewing Parents

Objective: The purpose of this assignment is to gain insight into the complex dynamics of human behavior during infancy by interviewing a parent or guardian who has a child. Through this interview, you will have the opportunity to explore the challenges, joys, and factors that influence human behavior in the early stages of life.


1.     Identify an Interviewee: Reach out to a parent or guardian who has a child, preferably an infant or a child in their early years (0-3 years old). Ensure that the interviewee is willing to participate in the interview.

2.     Conduct the Interview: Schedule a time to meet with your chosen interviewee. You can conduct the interview in person, over the phone, or through video conferencing, depending on your and your interviewee’s preferences.

3.     Prepare Three Main Questions: During the interview, ask the interviewee the following three main questions to gain insight into human behavior in infancy. Feel free to ask follow-up questions for clarification and to dig deeper into their responses.

a. Question 1: What are some of the most significant changes you have observed in your child’s behavior from infancy to their current age (0-3 years old)? How do you think external factors (e.g., family, environment) have influenced these changes?

b. Question 2: Can you describe a specific challenge or milestone in your child’s early development that you found particularly interesting or surprising in terms of their behavior? How did you and your family adapt to support your child during this time?

c. Question 3: In your opinion, what role does the parent-child relationship play in shaping a child’s behavior during infancy? Can you share any strategies or experiences that have helped foster a positive and healthy parent-child bond?

4.     Reflect on the Interview: After the interview, take some time to reflect on the insights gained from your interviewee’s responses. Consider how these experiences and observations align with theories and concepts related to human behavior in infancy that you have learned in this course.

5.     Submit Your Assignment: Write a brief summary (approximately 1-2 pages) of your interview experience, highlighting the key points from your interviewee’s responses. Reflect on how this interview has enhanced your understanding of human behavior in infancy and relate it to the course material.

Grading Criteria:

·        Completion of the interview with a parent or guardian.

·        Thoughtful and comprehensive responses to the three main questions.

·        Reflective analysis connecting interview responses to course material.

·        Clarity and organization of the submitted assignment.

Please submit your assignment by Sunday, September 17th by 11:59pm. If you


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