[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Theory Converted

[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Theory Converted

Roll out of Chip, Signature, Chip & PIN –  You will  analyze:

The US has finally ( well in theory…) converted to Chip cards. That means the cards and the terminals should now accept chip, including ATMs and outside gas pumps. Think about your daily purchases…do you still find merchant or ATM terminals that do not take Chip?

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 It has been a long time coming to integrate with the rest of the world. Some card companies (but not all) have even disbanded the use of a signature at the point of sale. Is it really authentication?

But, as I always say, we build a 10 foot wall, and bad guys build an 11 foot ladder!  Other countries have used Chip for years. 

Fraud continues, typically in other forms. So please look at this week’s material and other research to identify at least 1 method where fraudsters have adapted a more technical process to “beat the chip”

This can include credit and ATM transactions. Only 2  pages.  Put you name in the attachment title, page numbers and valid references – no vendors as a source.

Will we ever stop fraud in cards??


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