[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Term Acute Care Hospitalmust

[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Term Acute Care Hospitalmust

this assignment is referring the ABCDEF bundle – the template pages is attached

– add info of the ABCDEF bundle in a long-term acute hospital.   

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PICOT: will implementing the ABCDEF bundle decrease length of stay in a long-term acute care hospital

Must discuss complications from prolonged hospitalizations increase length of hospital stay, must include some history of type of patients admitted to a long-term acute care hospital and most importantly how the bundle can reduce length of stay. Please read the template – see attachment to help with the writing


1. introduction (complete contents)

2. abstract 100 words – follow template

3. dedication 100 words- dedicate to patients hospitalized ( be creative with the verbiage) 

4. Acknowledgment 100 words ( see word doc on who to acknowledge)

5. separate references page – use references in “Implementation into practice” any article outside of that must be within 7 years 


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