[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Teach Non Technological People

[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Teach Non Technological People

 Please use the attachment for guidance in completing this summary. Please do not use exaples provided as your project topic

Choose a community of your choice and a mitigation project that will help to reduce “mitigate” at least one hazard that the community has. You will be asked to present this project as you would a real world project for approval and defend your idea. For example, a mitigation project has been suggested to create a lesson plan to be offered to faith groups to teach non technological people how to use technology (I.e. social media, zoom, alert systems etc.) during a disaster to be able to better communicate and function during the disaster. Another proposed project is to work out mitigation options for ECSU aircraft and high dollar simulators in the STEM complex first floor.

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If you do a traditional mitigation project for your final project the expectations are

a 3 pages of text (not counting title, abstract, table of content, reference pages).

APA formatted with at least 5 sources on the reference page that are cited in the text

to describe a hazard and a mitigation plan on how to eliminate or reduce the hazard. Have a specific plan with details.

Include headings such as introduction, conclusion, problem/hazard, consequences of the hazard, plan to mitigate hazard, pros and cons to the plan etc.


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