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As further preparation for your Search Strategy assignment, go to the UMGC library and search for an online journal article for your search topic.  Next, find an article or news source on the web that is helpful to your topic.  Provide a reference citation in APA 7 format for each of the two resources using the APA example formats for help. 

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If you are not experienced searching the library, take five minutes to watch this demonstration   This video walks through a basic search and how to use the Cite tool, which will auto-generate APA citations for your library article (super time-saver!).  

Please provide this information about your topic and resources you found: 

Your topic:  

Library source: [reference citation] 

Web resource: [reference citation]  

In a few sentences, share how you located the sources.  If you got stuck, how did you recover?   

Please answer in complete sentences. 


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