[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Take Audubon Society Walks

[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Take Audubon Society Walks


Lillian Clark Haddock (She/Her)

YesterdayJan 23 at 9:26pmManage Discussion Entry

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My first thought as the farmer is that I’m thinking the private developer might be able to offer me the most money. Since the original offer was so much lower, I feel like there is bargaining room there. Additionally, with multiple parties being interested, I feel like that would only help to raise the price to the desired $4.5 million. 

If I am feeling sad about having to leave the farm and I do aim towards conservationist beliefs, I would ultimately decide to work with the state’s Park and Recreation to hopefully get, at minimum, the appraised value of the property along with being able to see some parts of it remain mainly natural. 

(I will admit to my bias as I am sad about how the Germantown Country Club was purchased by a private developer and all of that land will be used for new homes, instead of being a park ((which feels VERY similar to this fact pattern?????))

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  • Lillian Clark Haddock (She/Her)
    YesterdayJan 23 at 9:42pmManage Discussion EntryOkay, not gonna lie, that was almost TOO similar???? As the farmer, I would want be able to fund and support all of those organizations that are close to my heart and the developer’s money would be the way to do that.
    However, through Parks and Recreation I would get the value of the farm, while still being able to see the land thrive and bring joy to others. It would especially be appealing as I am feeling sad about leaving, I could absolutely volunteer my time to take Audubon Society walks and see those eagles that are nesting around my old property. AND, I could volunteer on the farm and in the butterfly gardens. 
    I would have to sacrifice the size of my donations, but I would feel like a park would constitute a contribution in its own right. 

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