[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] “ Student Online Resources

[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] “ Student Online Resources

This will take time- please do not rush this assignment. Note: Dropbox Files are FREE.   >> You will SELECT a Work of Art that INSPIRES YOU for this assignment, and you will write an Art Critique. I want you to be engaged in the process of research and inquiry- so your choice should be of interest to you.  

This is an assignment that is a core requirement and please take your time, create an outline of information- and finally type up the art critique to submit.

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There are several student examples posted with this Art Critique information. Simply follow the 4 steps and take your time studying a Work of Art. Go beyond bullet points and please write complete sentences.

There are additional lists of possible vocabulary to use. The lists are provided to help you analyze a work of art- starting with the Visual Elements that you listed in the previous assignment (Line- Shape- Value- Texture- Color- Space- Time, etc.).

Writing out notes and an outline first will help you compile your thoughts and information- prior to writing (typing) your critique. There are online resources through Dallas College (North Lake) if you need additional help. Check under ‘Syllabus’ content in blackboard and go to “STUDENT ONLINE RESOURCES”.

FYI: it does not hurt to ask for help….even when I was an Undergraduate and in Graduate school- I used a Writing Center to help review my papers, essays and thesis. No judgment in the creative process (whether it’s Art or Writing or anything).    We all need extra help at times.

Select one work of ART…you can virtually Visit Museums & Galleries!

TAKE A PHOTOGRAPH (screen shot if needed) of the ART!!! 

Attach photograph to you Critique.


CRITIQUE the work of art using the ART CRITIQUE guidelines.

NO MORE THAN TWO PAGES!!!   Yes, typed.  Up to two pages maximum.

1.    Description

2.    Formal Analysis

3.    Interpretation

4.    Evaluation

The critique should begin with the overall description of the Art work.


For the Critique: You can use any of these formats for citing sources: MLA, APA or Chicago style. Please include a reference source for the work of ART you are researching. THANK YOU!!! 

I have FAITH in you ALL- and I appreciate your time and effort on these assignments as we shake hands (so to speak) with the Visual Arts.

Keep moving forward and it is a fast-paced course online!



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