[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Spch275 Speech Preparation Outline

[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Spch275 Speech Preparation Outline

Submit two files.

  1. Submit the persuasive speech preparation outline in Microsoft Word using the SPCH275 Speech Preparation Outline Template with a References list in APA format on the last page. Your research for your topic should include a minimum of three to five academic peer-reviewed articles or books from scholarly sources cited within the outline. Research should include opposing viewpoints to your stance and incorporate at least one into your outline, followed by a strong rebuttal. The DeVry Library is the recommended source for your scholarly research. Although reputable website sources are acceptable, they should not replace the required minimum of three to five academic peer-reviewed articles or books from a scholarly source. Three sources should be parenthetically cited on the outline (Author, Year). Any source listed as a Reference must be cited in the outline. (75 points)
  2. Include a copy of the PowerPoint file and any other visual aids to be used in the presentation. You should have 5-8 slides, plus a title slide at the beginning and a reference slide at the end (in addition to your 5-8 slides of content). Visuals should have a professional quality; not too much written on each slide; pictures should be copyright cleared and have citations on the slide. (75 points)

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