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Directions:  Answer each of the following questions. Be sure to use complete sentences when answering the questions.  Cite your sources as appropriate. Your answer to each question should be several paragraphs.  Please double space your answers.  

1.  What does the term plural executive mean? Who is in the plural executive? Why does Texas use the plural executive?  Is it an effective way to govern Texas?  (10 points)

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2.  What are the similarities and differences in power between the Texas Speaker of the House and the Lieutenant Governor?  What helps or hinders in the use of these powers? (10 points)

3.  What types of local government courts exist in Texas?  What are the requirements to serve as a judge on these courts and the duties of these courts? (10 points)

4.  What are the primary types of state courts?  What types of courts can the legislature create?  Why does the legislature create these courts? (10 points)

5.  Legislative bodies exist to make laws, provide oversight and sometimes provide constituent service.  What aspects of the Texas State Legislature assist the legislature in providing these services?  What hinders it? (10 points)


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