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Business, Government, and Society

Initial post:

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·         Includes one substantive initial post using at least two scholarly or professional references with accompanying in-text citations to support any paraphrased, summarized, or quoted material.

·         While we prefer not to assign word counts to posts, as a suggested best practice, your initial post should be at least 350 words.

·         Includes an open-ended, thought-provoking question posed to classmates.

Part I: Do you believe technology is the primary cause of change? Why, or why not? Provide one example that supports your opinion.  

Part II: Identify an organization that participates in a corporate social responsibility (CSR) activity and describe that CSR activity. If you were the CEO of this organization, how would you assess the value of the CSR activity? What does the organization want to achieve through this CSR activity?  

Response posts:

·         Includes at least two substantive responses that each include at least 1 scholarly, professional, or textbook reference with accompanying in-text-citation to support any paraphrased, summarized, or quoted material.

·         While we prefer not to assign word counts to posts, as a suggested best practice, at least two responses should be at least 200 words.

·         Must be posted on two separate days of the week.

Part I: The increased development of technology in recent years has left a mark on society. One perspective is that technology accelerates the pace of change rather than being the cause of change itself. A study by Westerman et al. (2014) in their book “Leading Digital: Turning Technology into Business Transformation” showcases how digital technology, while being a catalyst, often emphasizes underlying organizational or societal issues. Another perspective is that the global proliferation of smartphones and the internet has changed the way we communicate, consume content, and even think as a basis. A report by the Pew Research Center (2019), shows that mobile technology has had direct influence on everything from political participation to social dynamics. I personally believe in the former, in that change is always a constant but technology only hastens it. Having grown up in the time where smartphones and the internet were introduced, I believe information has always been passed along, but only in a different way now.

Part II: A frontrunner in corporate social responsibility (CSR) is Patagonia, the outdoor apparel company. Their mission builds the best product, avoiding unnecessary negative impact, and using business to create improvements for the environmental issues. A highlight of their CSR efforts is the “1% for the Planet” initiative, where they commit to donating 1% of their total sales to environmental organizations. This isn’t just about philanthropy; it’s also a business strategy. According to a Harvard Business Review article from 2020, aligning business practices with broader societal values can drive brand loyalty and long-term growth. If I were the CEO of Patagonia, the assessment of this CSR activity would be two-fold. On one hand, the quantitative metrics would involve the amount donated, the impact of these funds on environmental projects, and any resultant increase in sales or customer loyalty. On the other, qualitatively, it would be about gauging the brand’s strengthened position as an ethical leader and its influence on other businesses to adopt similar practices. Through its CSR initiatives, Patagonia aims to lead by example, pushing for a more responsible and sustainable business landscape while championing environmental causes.

Classmates, considering the interplay between technological innovations and the resulting societal changes, where do you draw the line between technology as a catalyst and technology as a root cause of change?


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