[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Slides Using Ms Power

[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Slides Using Ms Power


  • Select a topic from the list provided. Submit your selection to the instructor for approval. You may be required to make another selection if your topic has already been given to another student.
  • Create a series of slides using MS Power Point to write your presentation.
  • Prepare and arrange slides for a 7-minute oral presentation on the selected topic
  • The slide count must be kept to a maximum of 7 slides with no more than 25 words per slide.  Slide one, is your cover slide so it does not count.
  • Use slides 2 through 6, to state the following objectives: 2) Who, 3) What, 4) Where, 5) When, 6) How or Why regarding your topic
  • All of your references used for your presentation will be listed on slide #7. A minimum of three (3) sources should be used
  • APA format should be used
  • Points will be deducted if students fail to use the proper format, exceed the time limit, or slide count
  • Presentations should be creative with interesting slide designs, fonts, photos or clip art, or videos to enhance the presentation.
  • Slides must be legible to all viewers, so conducting a preview in slide show mode is highly recommended
  • A rubric will be used to grade this assignment
  • A minimum of 3 scholarly sources must be used
  • A copy of the slide presentation must be uploaded to Blackboard in Collaborate as well as the assignment dropbox or before the due date.


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