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Complete an informed and thoughtful critique, 4 pages in length

Intro: When you write, it is important to have a point of view. You will express this as your main idea. You should be able to talk about your overall perspective in a single, clear sentence. Are you aware of any other versions of the same play? Is this a revival or a new piece? When/where was the play written? What is its production history? Who is the playwright/writer and what has been said about their work? What genre is this piece? Comedy? Drama? Musical Theatre?


Audience: How did the audience respond to the performance? Was there a good relationship between the performers and the audience? How was it for you to experience a live production? o Acting: Did the actors embody the characters physically, vocally and emotionally? Were the performers energized and compelling? Were they believable? Were the performances more psychological or physical (or both)? Were there any memorable acting moments? Was the casting traditional or non-traditional? o Directing: Did the production possess a unified vision? Was there an interesting concept? What made it interesting? How well did the show move in terms of pace and rhythm? Were there interesting patterns of movement? Were there any significant directorial moments? o Design: How did the design elements contribute to the overall effect? Did they create a unified whole? How did the choices for color, lines, composition, forms, or texture, support the text, the environment and the characters? Did the set serve the action well? Were the characters well depicted by their costumes? Did the lighting create a mood? What was the function of sound? o Other elements: Depending on the performance you see, you might also want to discuss the choreography, music (score, lyrics, orchestration, singing), special effects, or use of video or animation.


In consideration of everything you have a thought about and written regarding this production, ask yourself: What did the piece say to me? How did all the aspects of production express this? You might also consider what you would have done differently if you were in control of the production.


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