[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Short Media Slideshow Presenting

[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Short Media Slideshow Presenting

Select a DOCUMENTARY FILM/TEDTalk or PODCAST (30-60mins in length) that covers a socially relevant issue and apply a critical lens. *Subject to approval.

Create Double Entry Notes for your primary source to be submitted for marks. Use time codes (E.g. 5:47mins) instead of page numbers. 

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Submit to D2L FE DENs.

Find 2 secondary sources (2) to supplement your primary source.

One (1) source should be on your chosen lens (Marxism, Gender, Psychoanalytical & Race/Ethnicity, etc.

One (1) source should be on your primary source (documentary/TEDTalk) to help give deeper insight into the director/issue.

Create a short MEDIA SLIDESHOW presenting your documentary/TEDTalk, your critical lens and research

Create a Google Slide show of (4 slides)

One (1) title slide

One (1) slide addressing the documentary

One (1) slide addressing critical lens & application of primary source

One (1) slide citing your research


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