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Primary Source Analysis Week 13: Heloise and Abelard

1) Who might have written this document? (If we don’t know the specific author, just guess or describe what kind of person/profession might have written it. Use critical thinking and context to make an educated guess.)

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2) To whom, to what audience might this document be addressed? 

3) When was it written down? 

4) Why do you think this document was created, for what purpose was it written down? 

5) THEN, in 150-250 words, answer the following question, mentioning specific evidence/examples from the document to support your argument: 

“How does Heloise’s letter to her former lover, Peter Abelard, demonstrate her education and intelligence?”* Give and analyze at least two examples where, in her letter, she reveals how educated she is (she makes reference to facts or ideas from Christian theology, or from Greek / Roman Classics or Philosophy, or she she just says something really deep!). 

*question quoted from our primary source reader, although I’m using a different version of the letter… 


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