[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Reports Interpersonal Communication Techniques

[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Reports Interpersonal Communication Techniques

  1. As a Manager of your Organization
    Form a fictitious organization and list yourself as the manager. Assess the company’s communication capabilities.
    First, assess how well documents are handled. Include

    • Emails, memos, letters and reports
    • Interpersonal communication techniques and presentation skills.
    • Use examples from the course to critique the varied types of business communications.
      Second, assess how your company communicates in an increasingly complex business environment. Comment on the advanced skills that prepare you (the manager) to communicate upstream and downstream within their organizations, as well as with vendors, clients, stakeholders and other partner organizations from a variety of business cultures. Comment on the need to be a flexible, resilient, media-savvy communicator who can move with ease across media; have empathy for different audiences; and employ strategies for speaking, listening and persuading.
      Write a 1,000 words report of this assessment

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