[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Relatively Even Experiment 2

[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Relatively Even Experiment 2

Part 1: What is meant by the saying “I’m left-brained” or “I’m right-brained”? Based on your understanding of lateralization, explain these statements. Do you agree with them? (Why or why not?). 

Part 2: After formulating your answer, complete the following fun experiments and discuss your results. Are you left-brain dominant or Right-brain dominant?

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Experiment 1 results: more left brained but relatively even 

Experiment 2 results: more left brained but relatively even

Do the results agree with each other? Do you agree with this or are you surprised with your results? Does it match with your answer in Part 1 that you formulated prior to this experiment? (Don’t worry…if part 1 doesn’t match part 2, you won’t lose points! Just be sure to explain the science behind your reasoning/opinion!). 

Part 3: What is handedness and how does it relate to hemispheric lateralization?


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