[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Questions Worlds Together Worlds

[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Questions Worlds Together Worlds

  1. MesoAmerican Culture:   Choose 1 (Environment, Trade, Religion, Political Structure, or Art & Architecture) and discuss its role in MesoAmerican culture as presented in MMW11R.   Compare/contrast this with another culture studied in the course.   Draw on course evidence in your discussion. 
  2. Buddha and Socrates:  How does the life of the Buddha align or contrast with that of Socrates? Consider their views and their relationship with their respective societies.  Which offers a greater contrast with their society?  Explain by drawing on this week’s evidence. 
  3. Empire in India:  Who had the great impact, Chandragupta or Ashoka?  Why?   How did the experience of empire compare with that of another empire studied in the course?Explain by drawing on this week’s evidence. 

Read this textbook to answer the questions 

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Worlds Together Worlds Apart chapter 6

Read The World’s wisdom chapter 2, selections 1- 36


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