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 As a health care manager, you are included in the ethics committee. There has been a new case brought before the committee for your review and recommendation. You will be responsible for reviewing the facts and providing a written response to the committee with your recommendations. This process will allow you the opportunity to analyze the health care manager’s role in ethical decision-making in a health care ethics case.

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Write an 875- to 1,225-word response to the ethical committee regarding your recommendation as a health care manager presented with this case. In your response, you should:

  • Identify the major stakeholders in the case.
  • Identify the ultimate decisions makers (e.g., medical team, parents, etc.) in the case.
  • Explain Baby Bundle’s rights in this case.
  • Describe the ethical theories or principles that pertain to the case.
  • Analyze your role as a health care manager in this ethics committee decision.
  • Based on your review of the case and the fact that the parents are not in agreement, state your recommendation to the committee for next steps.

Cite at least 2 sources according to APA guidelines.




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