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An Executive Summary is a condensed version of a longer report that highlights the most important points for the reader and guides them to the action you would like them to take. It is slightly longer and more in-depth than an abstract, and is prepared for the purpose of quickly informing a legislator, chief executive officer, or advocacy organization leader about a pressing issue. (Never give a legislator more than 2 pages to make your point – the shorter the better!) 

This document should be no more than 10% of your total analysis paper, so you are limited to one page. No reference list is included here.  Rather than strictly using APA style, format your Executive Summary in an eye-catching way (be creative but keep it simple). Feel free to use color, bullet points, captions, figures, available pictures or diagrams you create or that are in the public domain….whatever it takes to creatively get your message across quickly. 

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Using the policy analysis paper you have written, determine an appropriate policy maker or policy organization to whom you might send the Executive Summary. Include the name and contact information for the policy maker or organization in the comments box for this assignment.

Include the following:

            Summarize the issue and its importance

            Clearly present your position and critical facts that support your position

            Provide a recommendation for action


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