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[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Professional Leadership Nursing Organization



Explore the American Organization for Nursing Leadership (AONL) web site.(Note: while the name has changed, many resources are still titled AONE. For this course, they will be used interchangeably).This week, review the “About” tab as it is likely you have not been to this site before. With your Master’s degree you move into the upper level of nurse executive leadership. This organization exists to support you as you do so.

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Evaluate the history, breadth, and depth of AONL activities.

Include the following aspects in the assignment:

  • Reflect on the value of a professional leadership nursing organization to your future leadership career
  • What contact have you had with AONL in the past and what is your plan for the future?
  • Share what surprised you in the “About” tab –how could you use this in your current or future endeavors as a leader?
  • This is an informal reflection of 1-2 pages, but as always, proper sentence structure, grammar, and spelling are required.
  • Cite the AONL and any other references you may have used.

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