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A decision tree is a great way to determine a course of action and possible outcomes associated with an officer’s decision. Today, everyone has a camera and decisions are reviewed, questioned, and judged by those who have no idea what happened. In Chapter 5, you learned about tactical decision-making and scenario-based training for new officers. Discretion is a major part of a police officer’s role, and the decision he or she makes in a split second can create many different outcomes and consequences.

Watch the Decision Tree video located in the University Library to understand the concept of a decision tree.

Read the Sidebar 11-2, “Police Discretion in a Routine Disturbance Call,” in the “A Short History of the Control of Police Discretion” section of Ch. 11, “Police Discretion,” of The Police in America.

Consider the different stages the officer is faced with in the scenario.

Select stage 4, 5, or 6 and review the officer response provided.

Create a 10- to 12-slide PowerPoint presentation* in which you:

  • Describe possible decision points that the officer may have faced.
  • Explain how one decision the officer could have made modeled abuse of discretion or positive use of discretion.
  • Describe factors that may limit the officer’s discretion.
  • Explain at least 3 internal and external mechanisms police departments use for accountability. Know what these mean!

*The title slide and reference slide are not included in the minimum slide count.

Incorporate at least 3 academic references including your textbook in your presentation. They must be listed on the face of the reference slide.

Include detailed speaker notes. The notes should be equivalent to you presenting to a group. Remember the PowerPoint checklist I provided earlier. Do not use complete sentences and paragraphs on the slides!! Follow the PowerPoint guidance I provided in an Announcement early in the course.

Submit your assignment.


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