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o Watch the video. I want you to look at this case from multiple sides. You are going to be making the transition into practice soon. You will be the novice nurse. However, you are going to be expected to perform safe and competent care. You will be working with be of varied experiences. You will be working with interdisciplinary teams. How does this look? How can we provide safe care all the time for every single patient?

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o After you watch the video, take into consideration how this case is viewed by each of these levels of leadership and experience. How did this error take place? Who was at fault? Is this a person problem, or a process problem? Did one person fail, or multiple people, or multiple processes?

o When we come back together as a group, you will present your case. How can this have been prevented? How would you recommend change? How do you hold people accountable?

o https://patientsafetymovement.org/

o Pat-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cw6XboxeUac&list=PL1t1eQbvK0Qfazr_n1QINPGayr1A5eghE

apa format watch the video containing to the question that need to be answer


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