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Identify the Independent Variable and the Dependent Variable

This assignment requires you to review the five scholarly articles attached to this

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assignment and identify the following:

1) Determine whether the article is a research study.

a. Hint:

i. All research studies include a sample of participants, at least one

independent variable and at least one dependent variable, and a

section of the article that reports the results of the study. If any

one of these are not present than it is not a research study.

ii. Research studies tend to have the same predictable format

that includes the following:

1. Introduction

2. Methods

3. Results

4. Discussion

2) If it is a study, identify at least one independent variable and at least one

dependent variable.

a. Hint:

i. The independent variable is the “causal” variable. In other words,

the researchers expect that the independent variable will have some

influence over the level of dependent variable. In this case, the

level of the dependent variable will depend on the level of the

independent variable.

b. Big Hint:

i. When a study is testing the effectiveness of an intervention, the

intervention is always the independent variable.


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