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[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Perhaps Two Extra Smart

In this assignment, you will compile the paper together, to meet the requirements. Perhaps two extra smart goals may need to be added (1-2 pages). This is to be written from 3rd person perspective.  

** Need this by Friday, 11/24 by 4 pm CST (US Central Standard Time) 

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 Instructions: This minimum 10-page paper will incorporate the feedback you have received from your instructor on your first two drafts from the previous weeks including a problem statement, the background of the problem/opportunity, goals, and objectives as well as the feedback you received from your team on the financial aspects that you shared with your them last week. You will be halfway done with your paper after this week Content Outline: • Cover page • Problem/opportunity Statement (Approximately one to two paragraphs) • Background of this issue (Approximately one page) • Goals & Objectives ( Full paragraph form 6-7 pages) o Goal 1  4-5 SMART objectives o Goal 2  4-5 SMART objectives o Goal 3  4-5 SMART objectives o Goal 4  4-5 SMART objectives o Goal 5 (optional)  4-5 SMART objectives (optional) • Financial & Quantitative Analysis (3-4 pages) • Financial models/reports/data and measurement 


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