[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Pdf Case Study Paper

[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Pdf Case Study Paper

Here’s what you’ll need for this assignment:  All attached

Chipotle case study.pdf 

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2014 Annual Report Chipotle.pdf 

Case Study Paper Guidelines

BUS 4060 Q-SWOT 2022.xls

Deliverables:  You are turning in your copy of the Q-SWOT spreadsheet and your 2-3 page paper summarizing your findings.

Instructions:  At this stage of the game you should be moving fairly quickly through the Internal and External tabs, moving somewhat quickly through the Strategies tab, and spending the bulk of your time working on perfecting the details that you are putting into the Strategy Summary Tab, the Financial Analysis Tab, and the two Pro Forma tabs.   When writing the paper, you are now attempting to have a flow through the paper from beginning to end.  When reading your paper I should be able to draw a mental line right through your analysis, your factors, and your financial analysis – and that line should point directly toward your strategy that you want to go with.  Then your job is to sell me on it – convince me that this is the next best step for the company.

Tutorial Videos 

Strategies tab – https://vsc.yuja.com/V/Video?v=4831595&a=2097737298&classPID=508091&cim=false&from=2

Strategy Summary tab – https://vsc.yuja.com/V/Video?v=4831551&a=1973753955&classPID=508091&cim=false&from=2

 Pro Forma–  https://vsc.yuja.com/V/Video?v=4831523&a=653041448&classPID=508091&cim=false&from=2  


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