[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Paragraph Form Using

[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Paragraph Form Using

Your assignment is to analyze, critique and summarize an article presenting a managerial issue in a real-world organization.  

➢ Your article must not be older than 2016.➢ Your article must be from a professional business and marketing publication such as: Management/Marketing Journals, Management/Marketing News, Entrepreneur.com; Time; Business Week; News Week; Industry Week; PC World; Forbes; Fortune; /automotive and Technology; Extreme Tech; Focus Magazine; The Guardian; International Business Times.  ➢ You may also explore our CSS Library databases: https://libguides.css.edu/BusMgt/Articles

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NO T.V. Broadcasts; NO Newspaper Articles; No organizations that do not engage in Social Responsibility/Ethical Work.

You are to summarize the article in paragraph form using these prompts to guide you:

Overview of article: what is the main theme of the article (1/4 to ½ page) 

What is the “organization problem or objective? What is its development stage? (Introduction; Growth; Mature; Decline) How is it affecting the employees’ and middle management empowerment?

What is the article’s suggested management solution and forecast in terms of employees’ development and middle management?

What is your forecast on the success or failure of the management plan as the article stated and why? 

What are the effects on Middle management empowerment, customer relation, and organization competitive advantage?


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