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Brain Part Infographic

STEP 1: Pick a part of the brain you learned about in this module that you would like to learn more about. Do some background research. You can use your eBook or do some research on the internet. Internet sources should be scholarly. 

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STEP 2: Pick some aspect of your research and show it off! Pick out some of the details about the part of the brain, the result from an experiment, the importance of some research, or pull out some favorite insights, graphs, or charts—whatever you choose (NOTE: You do not have to summarize all of your research). Your objective is to create an interesting visual (think infographic) so that an outside observer could quickly learn at least three new things by looking at it. It must include at least 2 images (pictures, charts, and graphs all count as images) and some text.

You must do original work here. If you copy and paste an infograph from the internet, that’s plagiarism and it will result in a zero.  Since this assignment is worth more than other RAs, you should put effort into this assignment, but please do not feel overwhelmed by creating a visual. There are tools out there to make your information look good and presentable that require no skill or knowledge of graphic design. You can think of it as making a simplified “poster” about either a part of the brain or a study that teaches about that part of the brain. You may design the poster in any medium you desire, including Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Photoshop, or one of the following programs:

  • Canva.com: Canva is really easy to use and convenient because it has tons of free shapes and designs for you to use. This program does not specialize in infographics, however, so you probably just want to choose the option to create a “poster” or “presentation.”
  • Infogram.com: Infogram is a fabulous tool if you want to include a chart or graph in your infographic.
  • Easel.ly: Easel.ly has some great pre-designed Infographic options to work with.
  • Helpful links: What’s an Infographic?  Example: PSY+1100+INFOGRAPHIC-1.pdf

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