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Course: Culture & Organizations

Week 4 Discussion 

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Research the Ahlstrom corporation. What is Ahlstrom’s strategy in the transmission of culture? Do you think Ahlstrom would have as clear a strategy and follow it so closely if the firm were in a commodity area? Do you think that Ahlstrom is encouraged to pursue its strategy so closely because it is in a small country like Finland? Go beyond Ahlstrom: Why would a firm that has a well-defined strategy perform better than a firm without one? 

Back up all opinions with the readings and outside research in academic journals at the KU online library.

  • 250 word minimum for initial post
  • Include at least two references
  • Respond to  two learner’s initial post.

KU online library:  https://keiseruniversity.libguides.com/home/home?preview=afb5d66ab3b853fa361847ea7dfda322

Reference requirements:

2020-2023 (Peer Review)

APA format 

What are the elements of a good Discussion post?Consider the following for each post you make:

  • Take a position and persuade your peers by including relevant points from the lectures, text and other readings
  • Cite your references to include texts, web site addresses, periodicals, etc.
  • Include relevant personal experience with applied content
  • Organize your responses logically by including:
  • If you discover conflicting points of view in the readings or between the readings and the lectures, describe the various points of view and cite their source
  • When responding to classmates, try to add clarity to what’s already been presented by adding your own experience and/or knowledge
  • Reply to the responses you agree with by adding support or clarifying the point of view; do not merely acknowledge your agreement
  • Reply to statements you disagree with by presenting counter-arguments
  • Always communicate respectfully
  • Remember that the goal of the discussion is to achieve specific learning outcomes. Try to be both subjective and objective in your point of view. It will help you clarify your position and can make discussions more stimulating.

Student reply 1:

However, given the incredibly low risk to their firm, Ahlstrom deserves praise for having such high commitments with regard to their members, consumers, and condition. They maintain these attributes consistently in every arrangement and in every object, and they have a fair picture of their thanks. Customers, businesses, and staff will continue to find them relevant.

However, it is important to recognize that maintaining a sense of responsibility regarding business projections is particularly difficult because associations are altering business conditions by bringing in new managers and managers, and as time goes on, associations’ characteristics also change. It is a universal truth for a wide range of partnerships worldwide and economic endeavors.It’s also critical to remember that associations with a clear and persistent business plan outperform those without one that don’t actively defend their principles and objectives over time. Well-established and institutionalized methods can only be maintained by dedication and understanding of the value of the market. Regardless of the amount that these partnerships’ clients are willing to pay for a reliable provider, these partnerships have reliable clientele who don’t compete.

Qian, T., & Yang, C. (2023). State-Owned Equity Participation and Corporations’ ESG Performance in China: The Mediating Role of Top Management Incentives. Sustainability, 15(15), 11507. https://0624a61g8-mp01-y-https-doi-org.prx-keiser.lirn.net/10.3390/su151511507

Rose, L. (2023). Current and Future Trends in Driver Behaviour and Traffic Safety Scholarship: An African Research Agenda. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 20(5), 4290. https://0624a61g8-mp01-y-https-doi-org.prx-keiser.lirn.net/10.3390/ijerph20054290

Student reply 2:

Good morning, Professor and Class,

Ahlstrom is a global firm that recognizes the value of culture and diversity. The company considers factors like background, expertise, and perspectives to make each unique. The management understands that diverse teams contribute to increased innovation and productivity, aligning with the findings of numerous studies and contributing to an effective Human Capital policy for a diverse and competent workforce.

The company’s strategy to transmit culture fosters a diverse and inclusive work environment by building a corporate culture that values all individuals by ensuring equal opportunities for personal and professional growth. The firm’s Human Capital policy and other provisions like the code of conduct and leadership behaviors support a culture promoting a diverse workforce (Ahlstrom, 2023). The company would be clear even if in a commodity area since its culture is driven by the understanding that diversity contributes to innovation and productivity. There are various initiatives to balance the workforce in terms of gender and other attributes in managerial positions. It adheres to the United Nations Global Compact principles, particularly Principle 6, which focuses on eliminating discrimination in work-related activities (UNG Compact, 2023). However, being in a commodity area may lead to challenges and dynamics where products are relatively standardized. In such cases, the company may focus less on innovation and differentiation but can always follow its well-defined strategy for fostering a positive corporate culture. Therefore, the company will maintain its inclusive and diverse culture for its overall organizational success, irrespective of the nature of the industry.

The location in Finland influences the culture since being in a smaller country could shape organizational behavior. Finland has a high standard of living with a great emphasis on social equality, offering a conducive environment for companies to prioritize values of diversity and inclusion. Ahlstrom operates globally in 14 countries; therefore, its strategy extends beyond the characteristics of its home country (Ahlstrom, 2023). 

A firm with a well-defined strategy would perform better than one without due to Commitment to leadership and management principles. A company can provide a clear direction and focus, promoting coordinated efforts. More so, such business organizations can optimize resource allocation, foster innovation, and create competitive advantage by facilitating performance (Rajamani, et al., 2021). A good strategy promotes certain goals and actions by giving a framework that ensures an organization works cohesively towards common objectives. Therefore, a company with a well-defined strategy positions the firm for sustained success and competitiveness in the market.


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UNG Compact. (2023). United Nations Global Compact.

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