[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Options Could Cause Harm

[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Options Could Cause Harm

  Ethics Worksheet for Case Studies
(Based on worksheet by Thomas H. Bivins, University of Oregon.)
1. What is the ethical issue/problem, in one sentence?
2. What facts have the most bearing on the ethical decision you must render in this case?
Note: facts do not include ethical judgments at this point.
3. Are there any other external or internal factors to be considered? (Economic, political,
religious etc.)
4. Who are the claimants (people making the claim) and in what way are you obligated to
each of them? (List all affected by your decision.) all the stakeholders
5. Which options could cause harm to any claimant?
6. Are there any rules, principles or codes (legal, professional, organizational, or other) that
automatically invalidate any of your options?
7. What principle(s) of the Code of Ethics does it relate and how/why?
8. Which ethical theories support or reject which options? Explain.
• Utilitarianism or others
9. Determine a course of action based on your analysis.
10. Defend your decision in writing?


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