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Part 2. Presentation

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Perform a presentation on modern design for large global enterprises using a video recording. Only one initial post is necessary. Thus, please embed the video presentation in the same post as Part 1. You can record a video using Canvas or a video recording software that abides by the Liberty Honor Code.

The video should provide an overview of industry best practices and scholarly research on designing enterprise networks for organizations with international campuses and/or sites:

  1. It should use recent scholarly journal articles      to support an excellent comprehension of modern WAN design for large      global enterprises that meets the optimal requirements of high      availability of network services, flexibility, scalability, resiliency, and      information security.
  2. Over 15 minutes in length
  3. Use professional presentation etiquette
  4. Should be explained from personal knowledge in      contrast to being scripted or read
  5. Show excellent comprehensive of designing global      enterprise computer networks that operate effectively across multiple      countries in different continents such as North America and South America.
  6. Use effective presentation tools such as      PowerPoint
  7. Use effective content such as design frameworks,      images, figures, and summary tables to summarize large amounts of      information

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