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please follow template below 

Due Friday November 17th by 8pm 

Part 1 • Summarize the law or legal principle involved. (This can generally be done in one paragraph.) • Summarize the case or event. Share the important facts and highlights that are important from a Human Resources practice perspective. (This can generally be done with one or two short paragraphs.) • Explain why the facts and highlights you chose were important for the practice of HR.  

Part 2 • List at least five ways this case or event might impact the practice of HR. (This is a brainstorming activity. A bulleted list is fine for this.) • Identify which of the five items is most important to HR. Provide an assessment and analysis of that item, along with one directly related specific recommendation for the HR team. The recommendation must be actionable, must be explained, and must be supported with evidence from your readings and research.  

The ideal assignment will include the following: • Introduction  • Response to Part 1 (with citations linked to a reference) • Response to Part 2 (with citations linked to a reference) • Conclusion (with citations linked to a reference) • References (with a minimum of three references)  Requirements: • Submit your assignment in the text box of the designated Unit Assignment Forum.  APA format is not required for any assignment forum submission.  However, all assignments should be well-organized and include an introduction and conclusion.   • Support your answers with evidence from at least three resources (text, readings, research, etc.) using citations and references. • The required length of your entire response is approximately four to five paragraphs (summary, evaluation, comparison, opinion). • Review one to two classmate’s postings after posting your submission to the assignment forum. Use the RISE model of peer feedback to provide your classmates with constructive feedback that they may consider when finalizing the final project later in the semester. 

Source: Walsh, D. J. (2019). Employment law for human resource practice (6th edition). Cengage Learning.



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