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Knowing the content and methodology of phonics, high-frequency words, and syllabic analysis is essential if teachers intend to be able to help all of their pupils, both struggling and achieving readers, succeed. The chapter emphasizes the importance of phonics (if needed), high-frequency (sight) words, and syllabic analysis as tools for decoding words, but emphasizes that these elements must be taught and applied in the context of real reading and must be adapted to fit the needs of older students and struggling readers. Monitoring progress and gearing instruction to students’ level of development are emphasized. A system for leveling books according to the decoding skills needed to read them is presented. Fluency is also discussed. To empower readers to create their own instruction, the chapter presents basic concepts essential for planning a word recognition program: major consonant and vowel correspondences, generalizations, single-syllable and multisyllabic patterns, and methods and materials for teaching phonics, high-frequency words, and syllabication. Techniques for fostering fluency are presented in detail

In this discussion, based on your reading of  the chapter ,indicate your understanding of Phonics awareness  by responding to the questions below. Reflect upon and discuss ALL Two of the following questions

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1. What does it mean if a 5-year-old child writes “pez tak me yet u”  (Please take me with you)? what instructional help would you give?

2. What are the basic principles of phonics instruction?

STEP 1: First, write a response with at least Five substantial sentences, integrating concepts you learned from the reading and other materials (include links with necessary). Show that you can think critically on the topic by integrating your own thoughts, analysis, or experiences.


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