[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Nonverbal Communication Include Using

[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Nonverbal Communication Include Using

 In your responses to your classmates, address the following:

  • Share any advice or encouragement you have for your peers.
  • What did you learn about nonverbal and verbal messages by reading your classmate’s post?

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Some  of the guidelines for effective verbal communication are to speak  clearly and concisely, avoid using too much technical Jargon, and  speaking with confidence. Best practices for nonverbal communication  include using hand gestures properly, making good eye contact, and  having good posture. 

Some of the things I need to consider about the verbal delivery about  my speech is the careful use of Jargon. I have chosen a fairly  technical topic so I need to be careful when using jargon that I don’t  over use it, and that when I do choose to use a technical term, I  explain it enough to get my point across. Another thing I need to be  careful with is pacing. I need to make sure that I am timing the  delivery of each topic well enough that certain points are given enough  time compared to others. If I breeze over one point and take my time  another, my speech will feel off and some points may not come across  very well. 

Examples of times I might pay close attention to my nonverbal  communication is both during the introduction and the conclusion. Since I  wont simply be relaying information, and instead will be trying to  summarize the main hitting points of the content of the speech, it will  be most important to use nonverbal communication to highlight those  parts of my speech.



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