[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] New Overseas Customer Need

[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] New Overseas Customer Need

With heavy investment in upgrading the fleet and equipment offerings, Zoukie Trucking Group now has a large-scale equipment base, providing client-tailored services with quality control checks. They ensure the safety of all the cargo in which they are transporting, whether imports from the wharf or export containers being transported back to the port. 

Prepare a case study on the trucking company highlighting the pros and cons but not limited to the following challenges:

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●      A trucker failed to deliver the container that is said to contain orchids at the port of Kingston Freeport Terminals (KFTL) before the port closed at 1600hrs

●      The line was very long to enter the premises of KFTL

●      There was no overtime booked for that container after 1600hrs

●      The trucker did not have proper documentation to enter the port with the container when the port was open at 0800hrs to meet the vessel for sailing to Elizabeth Marine Terminal at 0930hrs 

●      The customer became very disgruntled, as their new overseas customer need this shipment to reach the market before/on July 4th this year

●      There was unrest between truckers and KFTL management, as a new system was introduced to eliminate bottlenecks but it makes the process longer 

●    The next shipment from KFTL to Elizabeth Marine Terminal is scheduled for July 1st this year


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