[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Nestle ́ Team Possess

[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Nestle ́ Team Possess

1) In a succinct and precise manner describe the vision for Nestlé. a. Where do you see them (in which areas) in the future? b. How will they measure success? c. How does that compare with where they are presently situated? d. What hurdles do they need to navigate? e. How is the environment looking i.e. the playing field? f. How are they likely to get to where they want to go? 2) Describe the role that leadership skills and qualities play in the journey of Nestlé. 3) Describe how personal resilience support the business of Nestlé. 4) What core competencies and capabilities do you believe the Nestlé team possess and which are crucial to develop in order to succeed on the path they have set forth in question 1. Motivate your answer. 5) Who do you believe are their key internal and externalstakeholders and do they manage their expectations? What processes enable this? 6) What “Shared Value” is Nestlé providing in their ecosystem? Discuss this concept by referring to Shared Value principles and the different levels of Shared Value. Discuss if and how their view on value should be tailored to their local markets. 7) Discuss why Shared Value is important. Discuss how Nestlé can address Shared Value with reference to employee value and the company’s culture and values. 8) Compare and contrast the approach taken by Nestlé’s top three competitors in creating and establishing their competitive advantage by using or not using the concepts of Shared Value. What are the advantages and disadvantages of their respective stance on their competitive advantage? 9) Analyse Nestlé’s approach to Shared Value and stakeholder management from an ethical perspective


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