[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Must Use Harvard Referencing

[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Must Use Harvard Referencing

In this  exercise, you are required to produce an Annotated Bibliography to demonstrate the quality and depth of your reading and research pertaining to real world applications of advanced data management.

As a guide, 500 words should be allocated to the Annotated Bibliography of each source. The maximum words allowed in the final submission is 1500 words (not including references).

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A. This exercise evaluates your achievement of one of the following learning outcomes:

  • Evaluate and recommend different database systems for different purposes (Learning Outcome 3)
  • Analyse issues relating to multi-model databases and multi-database architectures (Learning Outcome 4)

B. Once the specific topic is determined, complete the following tasks:

1.     Explain the motivation for the chosen topic, followed by (only) one main question to be answered through the Annotated Bibliography.

2.     Describe in detail the methodology you will use for searching the bibliographic sources.

3.     Search and compile relevant bibliographic sources. You are required to build your Annotated Bibliography on exactly 2 sources (these can be academic research papers, industry white papers, reputable magazine articles, etc). Prioritise reputable sources.

4.     For each of the selected sources, produce an Annotated Bibliography. This should include but not limited to the following details:

  • the full bibliographic details of the source (you MUST use Harvard Referencing style)
  • a summary of the source’s key ideas or arguments
  • your critical analysis or commentary on the source’s key ideas that address the main question previously defined above

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