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Assignment Objective: The objective of this assignment is to help you brainstorm creative
ideas for a window display for men’s, women’s or children’s fashion. It can be anything fashion
related such as clothes, accessories, footwear etc.
Note: Develop a window display rough draft based on your assigned brand and topic (such as
Christmas, Spring/Summer 2024 etc). Refer to ‘Student-Brand list’. This is a group assignment
and draft should be developed as a group. One member from each group can take the
responsibility of uploading your display draft on Canvas. Individual submissions will NOT be
accepted unless permission has been granted by the instructor.
Instructions: Make a rough draft (hand-sketched or digital using Canva or PPT) of your
ideas, upload on Canvas and set up a meeting to discuss your window idea with your course
instructor. For brainstorming ideas, consider the following items:
a. Type of merchandise to be displayed. Your merchandise should align with your
brand product profile and must reflect current market trend.
b. Type of display such as single item, multiple items, with or without mannequins
c. Props needed to develop your display such as clothing items, accessories,
handbags, shoes, scarves etc. display stands, mannequins, dressform etc.
d. How you would like to develop your backdrop. You can use paper, fabric,
banners etc.
e. Use of brand logo, location and how you want to display the brand logo
f. Other materials like lights, colors, papers etc.
g. Your display draft should clearly reflect on the elements and principles of design
such as balance, proportion, color, rhythm, line, form, texture etc. You should be


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