[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Multiple Perspectives – Law

[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Multiple Perspectives – Law

Imagine your organization is going to build an application utilizing Big Data and Machine Learning. You are going to propose your idea to upper management with supporting system design. Develop an APA-formatted paper that presents a detailed analysis and research-based information pertaining to ALL of the following topics

  • List and describe the type of data you will need for your application, and how you will ensure the quality of the data.
  • List and explain the technologies, tools, and software packages that will be used to build the application.
    • Provide the design of your Big Data database. Explain why you chose the database compared to others. Also, include supporting theories for the schema you came up with.
    • Describe in detail why the chosen technologies are adequate to process the data.
    • List and describe the types of the statistical analysis methods that will be used.
  • List and describe the benefits from the customer’s perspective and organization’s perspective. Please pinpoint where the benefits are drawn from – data, technology, software package, process, and etc.
  • List and describe the concerns and downsides that may be introduced by the application and the Big Data from multiple perspectives – law, regulations, social, etc. Provide solutions, processes, application modules, etc. that mitigate the concerns, problems, issues.
  • Provide a data flow diagram, database design, and sample code of a module for your application.

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