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[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Multiple Concepts Etc

1.What is the purpose of the research on which the author(s) are reporting? Is it stated clearly? Where is it stated? (Include a page reference).2. What concepts, theories, factors or issues form the basis for the research conducted? Describe each in turn. Which ONE do you find most interesting or important, and why? (NB. There could be multiple concepts etc., informing the research being presented in the reading)3. What research methods are used by the author(s)? Describe 1) the methods that were used to collect data or information, and 2) the methods used to analyze the information/data collected to arrive at findings/conclusions. 4. Were reasons provided for the author(s) choice of using the research methods that they did, and were they explained sufficiently for readers to understand what was done and why? Use examples/details from the reading to explain your answer. (*Remember that researchers are writing for an audience expected to have some methodological knowledge.) 5. Describe in detail the main or key points, conclusions or recommendations made by the author(s) in the reading you selected.

(e.g., What findings were discussed? What did they learn from the research being reported on?)

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6. Identify a finding, conclusion or recommendation that you found interesting, OR challenged your own perspectives. Describe it, and why you reacted to it as you have.


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