[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Module 1 Discussion Resources

[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Module 1 Discussion Resources


We have all known supervisors or co-workers who think they were bosses; some displayed admirable leadership traits, and others may have needed a refresher course on how to manage people. Pursuing an undergraduate degree at Trident could open up doors for you to supervise a team or find yourself at a higher level of management. Based on your experience and course module readings, what leadership traits would you like to embrace, and which ones should have no part in your repertoire?

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Module 1 Discussion Resources

Managerial Roles (2021)
Managerial Skills (2021)
Trends in Management and Leadership (2021)
Habits of Highly Successful Managers (2021)
Qualities of a Successful Manager (2020)
The Six Common Characteristics of Successful Managers (2019) 

Module 1 Discussion

  • Share at least two leadership characteristics that are appealing to you and provide a rationale or background as to why you believe these traits will be beneficial to you and your future employees. (Research Support Required)
  • On the flip side, share a supervisory nightmare you may have experienced or heard about. Make sure we understand why you deem it a negative experience for workers. (No Research Required)

Assignment Expectations

To receive full credit for the discussion, you must complete the following:

  1. Enter a minimum of 3 quality posts: Your initial/original post of 150 words or more and responses of at least 100 words to 2 classmates. 
  2. Also, be sure to cite at least one source in your initial post.
  3. Provide a References section at the bottom of your original post in APA 7 style.


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